Thursday, November 21, 2019

Contrasting Cultural Views Between U.S. and India Essay

Contrasting Cultural Views Between U.S. and India - Essay Example Having said so, the policies of the government are designed in such a way so that reservations are made in government jobs for the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes. At present 49% of the seats are reserved for them so that the underprivileged gets ample opportunities. Reservations are not found in the private sector; instead here the basis of selection is often synonymous with the American style. Egalitarian societies are supposed to be informal. There an informal association between the employer and employee is considered to be very conducive for efficient business. This similar atmosphere is very much seen in America. On the contrary Indians are more hierarchical nature and a line is always drawn between the employer and the employee. While doing business with India one needs to keep these things in mind. The Indian economy has made a tremendous progress since its independence from the British rule. The country has per capita GDP of $3,339 in 2010. A series of economic reforms has brought improvement compared to its previous performances. In fact the difference in the average earning of the people with the United States has decreased over the years. However it can be said that the per capita income is still at a very low level. Over population, defective planning, less development of the industrial sector and lack of technological progress can be the reasons for such poor performance. The median American income in 2010 had been $46,326. There has been improvement since the financial crisis but the figure also suggests there is concentration of wealth. Cost of living is directly related to the level of development. In a country like India a difference in the cost of living can be noticed in cities and rural living. The reason for this difference is lack of facilities. The rural economy in India is agrarian in nature is still stagnant and people are satisfied with the basic

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